A hacker recently claimed that he hacked into almost 80 banks and stole thousands of pieces of information, including addresses, phone numbers, and names. The file was released onto the internet a few days ago, however, it contained no credit card data.

The Twitter account “Reckz0r” says the banks have been targets of his for around three months, and that he did not hack into Visa and Mastercard, just banks – hence the lack of credit card numbers included in the released file.

Approximately 2,700 accounts were hacked, including accounts in other countries. Reckz0r indicated that the reason he had not released credit card information yet is because of his inability to hack into major credit card companies. He did state on his Twitter feed that he was “making progress” and had “partial credit card information, but there is just too much of it, so he is withholding information.” Reckz0r’s released information was 113 pages and over 50 gigabytes.

Reckz0r announced that he was “retiring from blackhat hacking” and was going to use his “intelligence for good” from now on, which meant joining a company that hacks to test security levels with permission. The hacker also claims to have hacked into other networks via the group Anonymous and through another group called “UGNazi”. Reckz0r also leads a company called SpexSecurity, which was found posting passport and visa information for suspected terrorists.

When asked why he was retiring, Reckz0r said he “wants people to be able to sleep at night,” and “is sorry if I harmed you, or affected your families. This is my departure from the hacking scene. I am no longer a hacker.” However, with the recent spill of information, no one is quite sure what Reckz0r’s next move may be.